In this day and age, we are pretty fortunate to have so many technological advances that make regular things extra convenient. Just think back to the '90s or earlier, when you were only able to watch new episodes of your favorite show once a week, or if you happened to be out of town that day, you'd have to set up your VCR to record it while you were away. Or, heavens forbid you forgot to do that and you were completely out of luck until the episode made it to reruns.

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Today is obviously much different and not only are we able to watch many of our favorite shows on-demand, but we can also, in many instances, even binge-watch an entire series of shows in one sitting.

In fact, my fiance Heather and I binge-watched the entire season of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series over the weekend, which got me thinking about what we should watch next. Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what shows you've been binge-watching lately and got all kinds of great recommendations.

Grand Junction's Most Binge-Watched Shows Lately

Grand Junction residents seem to be watching all kinds of shows from their streaming services right now in numerous different genres. Some of the most popular shows that Grand Junction is streaming these days include Stranger Things, The Bear, and Old Man.

However, not all of the responses were about new shows as some people are watching shows that are no longer on the air such as Lost, Schitt's Creek, and the classic TV show The Love Boat.

Grand Junction’s Most Binge-Watched Shows Lately

According to you, these are the shows you’ve been binge-watching the most lately.

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