I'm in need in having the legs tapered on a few pairs of jeans. I would prefer not to have to refinance my house to do it. Where's the best place to go in Grand Junction to have alterations made on clothing?

Thirty years ago I could have answered this by saying "My mom's house." My mother is an incredible seamstress. Unfortunately, that option is no longer available.

Do you remember when Levi's jeans came with tapered legs? Both the 550 and 560 cut jeans featured legs tapered just right. According to the fancy little label, they're still tapered, but I'm forced to disagree.

I've searched the web for tailors and alteration shops around the valley. It seems most are in extremely high demand and are at times overwhelmed. Most have positive reviews on Yelp!

Unfortunate for me, most want close to $30 to taper the legs. That's as much as I paid for the jeans! I'm not arguing the price. The fact I'm looking to hire someone reflects the fact it requires skill. If I could do it myself, I would. I can't, so it becomes necessary to hire someone.

Looking on the web, it appears there are several well-rated shops around Grand Junction. Some operate out of shopping plazas, some out of homes. It doesn't matter to me where they conduct their business, so long as it gets done and at an affordable rate.

Please help a guy out. Take a look at the list below. If you've had any experience with these businesses and recommend them, please cast a vote. All the businesses found in the directory are on this list. If I missed someone, please write their name in, and it will be added.

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