You were asked to assist me in my quest for the best dentist in Grand Junction. You have spoken, and here are the results.

Thank you again for helping out with this poll. We do these from time to time, and we're always sincerely interest in your feedback. I'm in need of a new dentist, and you steered me in the right direction.

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Why the rush?

My dentist retired a little while ago. Recently, every day has been an adventure when it comes to an old crown. Time is of the essence.

What criteria did they have to meet?

The ideal dentist must meet exactly one criterion:

  • They accept my insurance (Cigna).

From there, it is simply a matter of which dentist you say is best.

There is a very sincere reason why we do these polls.

There is a reason the crew at the studio keeps creating these online polls. Your knowledge and experience count. When we ask you "Where's the best place to buy a new truck?", we are sincerely interested in your response. You've pointed me in the right direction dozens of times, and you're always correct.

How did the voting go?

When it was all said and done, hundreds of votes came in. In this case, the survey ended with a very clear winner.

The winner is?

Per your votes, the best dentist in Grand Junction is...

Grand Junction best dentist 2021

Wow! I don't believe we've ever had a poll where the winning candidate finished with such a strong lead.

It appears that Bob Johnson DDS is the guy to see. Check out that lead. Dr. Bob won with an amazing 42.81% of the vote.

What's next?

Well, it's time for me to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bob's popularity might present a problem. If he's this popular, it's possible he might not be accepting new patients at this time. I'm going to call right now to find out.

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