The Grand Junction Housing Authority, believing meth was being used in an apartment in Ratekin Towers has evicted the 80-year-old woman living there.

Linda Littlebeaver, 80, said her apartment was one of many in the building that tested positive for meth contamination, something Linda could not use.

Littlebeaver, on various medications for heart and blood pressure ailments, says using meth would kill her and it's not something she has done, believing bringing items found in the common areas of the building may have been how her apartment tested positive.

Linda also stated there were residents that lived on either side of her that were drug users and that could play a part as well.

Littlebeaver met with the Grand Junction Housing Authority recently and is hopeful something can be worked out.

For a month now she has stayed in a hotel while her situation at the Ratekin was being mitigated. Now that she has been evicted she has nowhere to stay unless the Housing Authority changes its mind.

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