Last week I asked our wonderful listeners here in Grand Junction to help me find the best taco in town. I must admit, I'm a tad surprised. So far, I've only tried four of the twelve that I had you vote from, but one of those didn't even receive a vote and I thought it was the best taco I have ever had.

The top five best taco joints that you voted for here in Grand Junction:

#5 - Costa Vita

#4 - Pollo Azado

#3 - VIP Tacos

#2 - Taco Party

And the #1 taco in Grand Junction goes to ... drum roll please ...

With an overwhelming 40% of the votes, the number one taco joint in Grand Junction is awarded to Taqueria Guadalajara.

Congratulations to Taqueria Guadalajara, you rock the tacos here in town.

My best taco so far here in Grand Junction has been from MX located next to the Mesa Theater Downtown. So yummy, shocking it didn't get any votes. I guess I'm set for the next five Taco Tuesday's to try all the others that made the list.

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