Your Grand Junction, Colorado area photographs could be seen by everyone. Are you ready to be famous?

The Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide is being redesigned, and your images could be a part of it.

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Be a Part of the Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide

The Visit Grand Junction Facebook page announced yesterday (December 6, 2022) that renovations would be taking place on the visitor guide. With the announcement came the call for your photos.

Show Off Your Western Colorado Adventures

You've probably snapped thousands of photos while exploring Western Colorado. Is your cell phone loaded with images of the Colorado National Monument, Mount Garfield, area wineries, or trips down the Colorado or Gunnison rivers? How about strolls along the Riverfront Trail or Gunny Loop? Do you have a handful of random photos from hikes to the Micah Mines, or maybe even a stroll through downtown Grand Junction?

How To Submit a Photo

Uploading a photo is easy. The Visit Grand Junction site has a drop box where you submit your photos. Simply click and drag. The drop box accepts the following file types:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • WMV

Rights To The Photo

As stated on the upload page, "By uploading content into Visit Grand Junction's collection, you agree that you have all the necessary rights and permissions to do so."

Waylon's Example

I might just have to share a photo. This is an image captured using my dumbphone. My phone is the kind that comes free with any new activation, in other words, garbage. Even at that, though, I was able to capture this image of Mt. Garfield, taken from Gunny Loop on Little Park Road. It's unlikely this image will be selected, but it will still be fun to submit it for consideration.

Mt. Garfield as seen from Gunny Loop
Waylon Jordan / Canva

This Is Fun

What a fun way to get your photos in front of the world. Undoubtedly, you've enjoyed an adventure or two around the valley. Here's a chance to share the fun.

WORTH THE TRIP: Hiking Liberty Cap Trail in Grand Junction

It was really simple to find as I put the location into GPS and it connects immediately, although there isn't a ton of parking so try to be respectful of others trying to use the trail.

During my hike, I decided to walk around and try to take lots of beautiful photos as I knew this would probably be my last hike for a while. Here are some of the shots I got this past weekend on my hike.

10 Reasons to Shop Grand Junction Colorado Small Businesses in 2022

Courtesy of Cox BLUE, here are ten reasons to shop Grand Junction, Colorado local small businesses.

LOCAL HIKE: Grand Junction's Ribbon Trail Offers Views for Days

For those that want to see some great scenery but don't want to work for it, the Ribbon Trail is the perfect destination hike for non-hikers.

The Ribbon Trail Hike itself is about 7 miles in length and quite strenuous. But, the first part of the trail from the upper trailhead to Ribbon Rock is not difficult at all. The hike is about 1/4 mile and takes you to some pretty incredible scenery in western Colorado.

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