Are you a believer? In UFOs, that is. Many say Colorado is a hotspot for UFO activity. Some of these people are from Grand Junction and have video evidence to support their claims. Do you think these videos are the real deal or just lights in the sky?

Patriotic Flashing Lights -- Sept. 4, 2011

These guys witness this flashing light somewhere in the sky over Grand Junction. They state that there were other "orbs" that couldn't be seen on camera. A UFO, or police lights?

Patriotic Flashing Lights Round Two -- Oct. 15, 2011

They're baack! This time, twice the flashing lights. One that "just appeared" then another pops up over near the airport.

What the Heck is This? -- Oct. 30, 2011

At first, it looks like a lens flare. Then, the jet flies by and the thing looks huge and maybe a reflection on a window. That's debunked by the truck driving by. There are no answers. Or are there?

Spinning Like an Atom -- Oct. 24, 2015

This one starts out with a bit of bad language. You'd probably cuss too if you saw this scary spinning light in person. What could spin in the sky like this? It looks nothing like a helicopter.

Spinning Like an Atom -- Oct. 24, 2015

Are these just cars driving on the Colorado National Monument or visitors from another planet?

Have you ever spotted a UFO over Grand Junction?

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