First, there was Grand Junction, Michigan. Now I have discovered another long, lost family member. Introducing Grand Junction, Tennessee. 

It was named Grand Junction because of the intersection of two things. Grand Junction, CO was named because of the rivers Colorado and Gunnison. Grand Junction, TN has it's railroads. The Memphis and Charleston Railroads to be more precise.

It is not a big town by any stretch of the imagination. Last Census only registered 307 residents. Literally 1.2 square miles of land is all that makes up out Twin City in Tennessee. But, like all places this town has a story all of it's own. From the Civil War and yellow fever, to being named the official 'Bird Dog Capital of the World.'

I did find something on YouTube about Grand Junction, TN. This is what the town looked like in 1950's.

Just in case you were making plans to move to our mirror town in Tennessee, here's a quick look at a some real estate.


Last, but certainly not least. Grand Junction, TN is a railroad town.



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