Secret what? Trick button? Can I get free gas?

Sadly there is no free gas, but the 'trick' button is very real and very cool! What does it do? OMG, where has this button been all my life? Rather, where has this button been since the day they put the video screens on most of the gas pumps?

Video Screens on Gas Pumps

These screens might be in the top ten on my list of 'Annoying Ways to Bother People'. Video screens on the gas pump.  This way, you and I can be exposed to even more product placement while we are standing there pumping gas. These screens usually feature content that rarely saves us time, but almost always annoys us to death. Oh, and could they be turned up any louder?

TSM W.Adams
TSM W.Adams
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'Trick' Buttons Need To Be On Way More Than Gas Pumps

The pumps at the Maverick Gas station in Grand Junction at 2948 F Road feature video screens. They also feature this 'trick' button, only since these pumps are so new, the button is labeled on the pump. The great part of the trick is that when you encounter a different gas pump without this button clearly labeled, chances are you can simply press them all one at a time and you will find it. The dang MUTE button! Hallelujah!

TSM - W. Adams
TSM - W. Adams

Touch Em All

How courteous, a clearly labeled mute button. As if somebody already knew I had no desire to hear what was about to come out of the speaker. Again, if it's not labeled, one of the buttons will mute the sound once it comes on so just press them all and you'll find it. Most times it is the upper right once the audio starts. Boom. No more audio from the screen.

Remember, if it's not labeled, it doesn't mean this 'secret trick' button isn't there. It's likely that people have pressed it so many times that they have simply worn the decal clean off the pump. Now you can simply press the button and get your 'zen' moment on when all you wanted to do was fill up your gas tank in peace.

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