By now you've heard the reports of drones traveling in packs over Colorado and Nebraska. Theories abound as to their purpose. What does Grand Junction think?

To date, everyone from the FAA to the CIA, from Leonard Nimoy to Robert Stack, have all been called in to solve this great mystery. According to, the drones reportedly have 6-foot wingspans and fly in grid-like patterns hundreds of feet in the air in groups of six to ten. What are they doing?

Does this represent a threat to the residents of Colorado? Are the citizens of the state in harm's way? According to, Sheriff's officials say it appears that no laws are being broken.

Okay, I can accept no laws are being broken, and no one's rights are being violated. At an altitude of hundreds of feet, it's a bit unlikely the drones are peeking in anyone's windows. Still, there's this matter of their agenda.

I asked you to share your theories. Via Facebook, I asked the question: Do you have any theories as to what they are and who's behind it? Here are a few responses.

1. Suspicious Corn Activity.


2. Government Surveying. I like this one. I have one question, though. Why would this require a pack of ten drones? Couldn't one drone capture the same images?


3. Eye-Witness Account.


4. Cow Mutilation Tie In.


5. The Popular Answer.


The Cerebral Answer.


There is, of course, another theory, my theory. Here it goes. A bunch of geeks with too much money and way too much time on their hands went out and bought a bunch of toys. They then took up flying these things in a group. Ultimately, it caught the public's attention. Enjoying the attention, they continued the activity, causing it to escalate into a major regional news story.

If this is an attempt by someone to conduct some covert maneuver, drug running, for example, they aren't doing a very good job. Everybody in the world, including Big Foot, has seen these drones.

Like the one Sheriff's Department official said, there don't appear to be any laws being broken. Weird? yes. Illegal? not so much.

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