Road-tripping around Colorado is almost always a good time. There are all kinds of beautiful natural landmarks to check out, great restaurants, and fun attractions along the way pretty much anywhere you go.

The drive from Grand Junction to Telluride will take you about two and a half hours to complete if you don't stop, but what's the fun in that?

Keep scrolling to plan a fun road trip from Grand Junction to Telluride with all of the best places to stop in between.

Telluride Road Trip: Grand Junction through Olathe

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As you head south to leave Grand Junction and make your way toward Telluride, you may want to check out the Western Colorado Dragway which is right outside of town.

The next town you'll hit is Delta, Colorado, which is home to the highly acclaimed Doghouse Espresso coffee shop, as well as the famous Fort Uncompaghre. These are both great places to make pit stops.

After making your way through Delta, you'll hit Olathe which is home to the locals' favorite Mountain View Winery, as well as some of the freshest dairy products you'll ever encounter at Rocking W Cheese and Milk.

Telluride Road Trip: Olathe through Colona

After you leave Olathe, the next notable town you'll hit is Montrose, which is home to the ultra-fun Montrose Water Sports Park, as well as the unique Flying Iron Ranch alpaca farm. Also, if you're getting hungry at this point, be sure to check out the highly regarded Colorado Boy Pizzeria.

After Montrose, be sure not to blink because you may miss the tiny town of Colona, which was posted for sale this past spring for $6.6 million.

Telluride Road Trip: Ridgway through Sawpit

Next, you'll cruise through Ridgway, which is home to numerous great food and drink options including another Colorado Boy Brewery, Kate's Place, and Taco Del Gnar. Also, be sure to cruise by Sherbino Theater and Ridgway State Park while passing through.

After Ridgway, you'll encounter the tiny towns of Placerville and Sawpit which each have mercantile shops worth checking out. M&M Mercantile is in Placerville, while Sawpit Mercantile is in Sawpit.

After Sawpit it's smooth sailing to your final destination of the world-famous Telluride.

Telluride Road Trip: Find all of the Best Places to Stop

Now that you know all the best places to stop on a road trip from Grand Junction to Telluride, check out photos and maps of each location so you know what you're looking for:

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