If the CBS show 'Survivor' were to be filmed in the Grand Junction area, what type of Reward and Immunity Challenges would you like to see?

The show that changed reality television forever, 'Survivor' just kicked off its 32nd season. What if season number 33 was here in the Grand Valley?

I have been hooked on 'Survivor' from before it premiered. Just hearing these stories about a TV show that was going to drop off 16 people in the middle of nowhere for 39 days. Yup, you had me. I even know where to find ALL the challenges ever done.

But, if we filmed a season of 'Survivor' here in the Grand Junction area, what unique and local types of challenges could we set up for the contestants? These challenges would have to deal with and involve with things that are local to the Grand Valley area.

Need your help with these.

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