Who needs Halloween anyway? For that matter, let's skip Thanksgiving altogether. It's September 27, and this Grand Junction store is already in the Christmas spirit.

Check out the North Avenue Walmart. That's an entire aisle of Christmas decorations. This photo was taken earlier this week on the first official day of Autumn. Hey, when summer is over, it's over.

Well, the good news is Walmart is continuing to keep prices low. Looking at the price tags, most items are in the $1.58 range. I haven't a clue what they are, but at $1.58, I'll take two.

The website luckierrethinktank.com asked moms and dads around the country when they felt stores should set out Christmas decorations. According to the survey:

  • 0.4% - No sooner than October 1
  • 1.3% - Anytime after Labor Day
  • 7.5% - I don't care
  • 7.8% - No sooner than Halloween
  • 17.9% - No sooner than the Monday before Thanksgiving
  • 22.2% - No sooner than December 1
  • 42.2% - No sooner than Thanksgiving

It seems "No Sooner than Thanksgiving" is the most popular answer by a landslide. I tend to agree.

In all fairness it's probably safe to say most box stores are going to have a selection of various holiday decorations on their shelves year round. An entire aisle? That seems a bit much for September.

Trust me, I'm not ragging on Walmart. I have family member who works there. Not only that, my dad was a Walmart fanatic. I told him many times that when he died I would have him cremated and then scatter his ashes at Walmart. Well, he died last week, and I'm giving serious thought to making good on that. Lookout cleaning crew, there's about to be a cleanup on every aisle.

If you like to plan ahead, make a trip to your local Walmart, with two locations to choose from in Grand Junction. While the selection of Christmas related items isn't massive at this time, it is enough to get you started. Why not beat the rush?

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