Another Grand Junction business will be closing their doors soon. This retail shop has been serving Western Colorado customers for well over 30 years.

I purchased my first musical instrument at Back Porch Music exactly 30 years ago. It was a Peavey Foundation bass with a tobacco sunburst finish. I bought it brand new when Back Porch Music was still located on Main Street. As I recall, the price came in right around $400 including the case.

Back Porch Music Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

After a successful run on Main Street in Grand Junction, Dwight, the owner, built a new building and moved the store to 995 Independent Avenue. It's operated at that location ever since. At one point, Dwight added on to the building, and opened a performance venue, "On Stage at Back Porch Music."

Since then I've purchased amps, PA systems, miles worth of various cables, a drum machine or two, probably a half-dozen microphones, and hundreds of sets of strings from Back Porch Music.

acoustic guitars back porch music
Waylon Jordan

Via their Facebook page, Back Porch Music announced they will soon be going out of business. They'll kick off their "Going Out of Business Sale" at the beginning of July. Before we go any further, please take note, only the retail portion of the business will be closing. What does that mean?

In addition to selling and renting musical instruments and equipment, Back Porch Music is home to several music teachers. These teachers operate out of a handful of small studios located at Back Porch Music. For some time now, RL Drum Studio has operated in the large performance area at the north end of the store. The teachers will continue to offer lessons out of the building. The retail space will be cleared out so teachers can take over the extra square footage.

Teachers offering lessons at Back Porch Music include:

  • Edward Thornhill - guitar
  • D'Ray Canaday - guitar and bass
  • Christopher Klein - piano / keyboard
  • Jina Silva - piano
  • Dane Skelton - saxophone / clarinet / flute / harmonica
  • Misti Dawn - mandolin / ukulele / beginning guitar
  • Michal Van Middendorp - drumming
  • Rob Labig - RL Drum Studio

Starting in July 2019, the crew will begin to liquidate the merchandise. If you're a guitar or bass enthusiast, I strongly encourage you to head down there. I stopped by today, and they have a good selection of instruments in stock. Who doesn't need at least four or five more guitars? When the sale kicks in, the deals are going to be hard to beat.

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