Wouldn't a delicious, cold margarita really hit the spot right about now? A Grand Junction favorite just returned for an encore. During the month of April, you can get one for just a dollar. Where will you find this great deal?

Most of us have grown accustomed to the idea of getting any size soft drink at the fast-food burger joint for a buck. Now, a national restaurant chain is offering $1 margaritas. That's even better.

Applebee's all over the United States are offering what they call "Dollaritas" for the month of April. Their ad claims this offer is valid at all Colorado locations. This offer originally appeared last October. It must have been a hit.

Personally, I don't visit Applebee's, or any restaurant for that matter, very often. When I do, my budget doesn't really allow me to drink. If I did order an adult beverage, it typically wouldn't be a margarita. All things considered, though, I might just have to jump on this. It's not because I really want one, but for a dollar, it's well worth checking out.

Would you make the trip to Horizon Drive just to pursue the offer of a $1 Margarita? If you are a connoisseur, it might just be worth it. Considering the ingredients that go into one of those things, you probably can't make one at home for $1.

This offer is good at all Colorado Applebee's for the entire month of April. We're currently at 72 degrees in Grand Junction, and most would argue that temperature more than qualifies as "margarita weather."

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