Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about the Grand Junction duo who love hot sauce, the Scovillionaires. Here's why Conner Ivie and Tyler Huff started reviewing hot sauce together on their YouTube channel.

The Scovillionaires walked into the radio station with a whole bunch of goodies. They brought a few different hot sauces with them for us to try, which you can watch here. The Grand Junction duo says their Youtube channel was a quarantine creation.

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Conner and Tyler became friends over the mutual love for all things spicy. They kept spotting the same hot sauces at each other's houses and their friendship grew from there.

The Scovillionaires started their YouTube channel in April of last year and review a different hot sauce every week. They estimated that combined they have about 130 hot sauces at their houses right now. Tyler was tired of eating the same hot sauce and was inspired by the YouTube series 'Hot Ones' where celebrities tried different hot sauces on chicken wings while being interviewed.

The Scovillionaires even brought a hot sauce from the series which is made from the hottest pepper on the planet with them and yes, we did try it. (So did one of our coworkers, who literally cried after eating it, which you can watch here.)

Conner and Tyler told us that you can get high from hot sauce if you eat one with high enough Scovilles. (Scoville units measure the spiciness of peppers.) They've felt like they were on the verge of hallucinating from hot sauce, which is crazy. The hottest hot sauce they currently have is about 2.5 million Scovilles.

The Scovillionaires say their favorite hot sauce is the red version of the Secret Aardvark Sauce, which was delicious, and it's the only hot sauce they purchase a half-gallon at a time.

Some of the hot sauces they brought in for us to try, including Green Belly and the Secret Aardvark, can be purchased right here in the Grand Valley.

You can watch us try some crazy hot sauces here with the Scovillionaires here.

Grand Junction Duo Love Reviewing Different Hot Sauces

Local Love is about the Grand Junction duo who love hot sauce, the Scovillionaires. Here's why Conner Ivie and Tyler Huff started reviewing hot sauces together.

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