Pomona Elementary Principal Emma-Leigh Larsen put her money where her mouth is. Sort of.

The challenge was thrown out to her students at Pomona. If they could double the number of donated cans of food that they already had, Principal Larsen promised she would sleep, overnight, on the roof of the school.

After the final tally was totaled, the students had collected more than 5,300 cans. That was more than enough to send the Principal to the roof.


So, she grabbed her tent at 8 p.m. on Thursday December 15 and stayed up there until her students arrived Friday morning. Principal Larsen said she did it to raise awareness for those out there that do not have a roof over their heads. I stopped down there Friday morning. It was pretty quiet and I didn't want to wake Principal Larsen up, so I tried to take a picture. The lights are on the tent that she is sleeping in.

Everyone should have a Principal like this. Simply awesome!

Now, what are the OTHER Grand Junction area Principals going to do?