This Grand Junction sandwich is being touted as a Colorado sandwich you must 'try before you die.'

The folks at the website scoured the entire state of Colorado in search of those sandwiches deemed worthy of the last meal.

Whenever these types of 'all Colorado' lists appear, it's a foregone conclusion that they authors never even came close to the Western Slope. BUT not in this case. Annie, the author, did make it down the hill to Grand Junction. It's where she found the Horses Loves Apples sandwich at Roasted - Expresso and Subs.  Definitely not your typical name for a food item. That's because it's not your typical sandwich.

So, I had to go check it out. Located at 5th and Colorado downtown, I stopped in and asked the guys if they knew the news about one of their own sandwiches. They said they had not heard that. So, it was cool for me to break the awesome news to them.

So,  what IS a Horses Loves Apples?

Roast beef, onion, spinach, horseradish sauce, mustard AND apples on whole wheat.

If you are up for something a little different that contains a slight 'kick' to it, you might want to check it out.


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