I think the Grand Junction Rockies are due for a name and mascot change. Now, I get that they are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies, but come on, we have to make this team our own. Plus, there are no 'Rockies' here in Grand Junction.

Minor league baseball teams, in my opinion, have the greatest nicknames and mascots of any professional sport. They are distinctions that make that team part of the community they live and play in. To give them their own identity from the Major League teams they are a part of.

Here is a list of some of the greatest minor league baseball teams nicknames. From the Isotopes to the Biscuits to the IronPigs. Now these are some really great team names. If I were to ever start my own minor league baseball team I would name them the ThunderChickens! How awesome would that be?

So, now it is up to us to make this team truly part of Grand Junction. Vote for your favorite right now or include your own. The Grand Junction:

The Grand Junction Rockies are getting ready to kick off the 2016 season. Opening day is Friday, June 17. Play Ball!