Have you received a phone call appearing on your ID as "Inmate Call"? Several people around the valley are getting this call. Where are they coming from?

I'm pleased to say that at this particular point in time I don't know anyone currently incarcerated. I'm sure the Mesa County Detention Facility is a lovely place, but my friends have expressed no desire to visit.

inmate call
Waylon Jordan

Here's hoping one of these calls haven't shown up on my parents' caller ID. My mother always told me she would never visit me in jail. It's safe to say that wasn't a threat. I'm sure she meant it. If one of these did show up on her caller ID, she probably ignored it.

bob post
Waylon Jordan via Facebook

The call did originate from a 970 area code. The voice message lasted a grand total of exactly two seconds. Seems they didn't want to talk. Fortunately, my ID caught the number. It seemed wise to return the call. Who knows? A good friend may be in jail.

Calling the number, all you'll get is a busy signal. Oh, well. I tried.

Apparently, ignoring these calls is precisely what we should all do. I reached out via social media, and it seems people all over the valley are getting similar messages.

teresa post

Grand Junction is not alone. It appears people outside of this market are getting the same message.

alicia post

This could get problematic. I would hate it if someone I knew found themselves incarcerated and in need of getting in touch.

Be on the lookout for these calls. Mine came in at 6:57 in the evening. Weird phone calls don't care about interrupting you in the middle of your favorite TV show.

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