According to the KKCO website, a man and woman crashed into a drainage ditch around midnight on Sunday and for some odd reason they decided to STAY the ENTIRE night!

Now I've done some pretty dumb things in the past, once my hubby and I had to spend the night in a semi dry lake bed because we got in but we couldn't get out. The next day a nice passer by told us the hubs weren't locked in . . .

But, I don't think you'd be going out on a limb if you guessed that alcohol was involved in this indecent . . .

Apparently shortly after midnight they crashed into the canal near Willowbrook Rd & Northridge Drive just off 26 Road:

Bing Maps

KKCO says the guy,

failed the alcohol and drug test and was arrested on the scene . . . the female passenger was taken home.

Check out the photo here.

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