You have to admit, this is creative. The Grand Junction Police Department shared a meme offering a few tips on how to prevent items from being stolen from your vehicle. Are they right on track?

There have been several recent incidents involving theft from vehicles. In some cases, the vehicles were left unlocked, and in others, they were broken into. Regardless, you are advised to get in the habit of following a few important steps before leaving your vehicle.

It's the fourth item on the list that closes the deal. This could work. There are, however, a few hurdles to overcome before implementing the plan:

  • Where do you find an angry, rabid squirrel?
  • The squirrel won't survive long in a car in the summer heat. Some sort of cooling will be required.

No doubt you'll find the GJPD's suggestions a bit more practical than those suggested in this video shared by the Miami Police Department.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. First and foremost, lock your vehicles and keep your valuables out of site. If that doesn't work, improvise.

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