We all love to get away. Sometimes the further the better. The Grand Junction area is full of "secret" locations to get away from life's stresses. We ask our fans where they find solitude, without giving away their secret location.

For me, I love to take a long hike along East Creek off Highway 141 between Whitewater and Gateway. The trail meanders along East Creek with amazing views of the surrounding canyons.

Along the hike, you'll find some great little "swimming pools" to cool off on a hot day. There are a couple nice surprises though. About midway through the hike, you'll find a desert oasis with a decent size swimming hole, that features two small waterfalls.

And the prize at the end of the hike, a beautiful waterfall that drops 15 to 20 feet into a shallow pool.

I rarely see anyone on this awesome hike, that's why it's one of my choose solitude locations. Well, at least until now, I shouldn't have spilled the beans.

Here is what our fans shared with us:

Where's your favorite place of solitude?

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