We can tell that Grand Junction pet lovers really enjoy showing off their pets.

Recently, we asked you to post your most recent pet photos and so many of you jumped at the opportunity to share your pets with us.

Adorable Animals Just Make Us Smile

I was scrolling through these adorable pet photos and I just couldn't stop smiling. I am an animal lover to the core and it makes me super happy when I see people who truly love their pets. Pets are a blessing to us - and a pet owner who loves their pet is a blessing to them.

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I Just Couldn't Help Myself

I have to confess, I have a ton of dog photos on my phone. We had Shelby for 9 years and Frisco for 14, and it seemed like every time I turned around I was taking pictures and selfies with them. I kind of cheated on this. We ask you to post your most recent pet photo - and I had to throw one of mine in the gallery below. It's not exactly recent, but it truly is one of my most recent pet photos. We currently don't have any pets, but after looking at all of these adorable critters, I can feel the pet strings of my heart being gently tugged.

Grand Junction Shares Their Adorable Pet Photos

Recently we asked you to share your most recent photo of your pet with us - and we can tell that Grand Junction people love to show off their pets. Thank you so much for sharing part of your family with us on Facebook and on the radio station app If you want to smile - a lot - scroll on for a bundle of pet happiness.

Crazy Things Grand Junction Pets Love To Eat

Recently, we asked pet owners to tell us what human food their pet is obsessed with and we found out we are not alone when it comes to giving our pets special treats. We received some fantastic responses and we can tell Grand Junction loves to spoil their pets, and Grand Junction pets clearly love to eat some crazy human foods.

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