Western Colorado residents love a parade. Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant loved to take pictures of parades. Enjoy 25 photos of Grand Junction gatherings from yesteryear through the lens of late Daily Sentinel photographer Bob Grant.

Let's face it, Grand Junction hosts a ton of parades. That's not hard to understand. We have a great community, an excellent downtown area, and an abundance of local spirit.

Check out the photos above, all by Robert Grant. You'll see just how rugged we are here in Western Colorado. How about the photo of the crowd standing in the snow enjoying a downtown parade in the dead of winter? Pretty cool, and dedicated, wouldn't you agree?

Please take a look at each of the photos. Chances are you'll see someone you recognize. If you've been around the valley long, you'll probably recognize some of the old businesses, too.

When was the last time you saw a missile getting pulled down Main Street? Happens every day, doesn't it? Well, not exactly.

There are a few shots from parades in locations other than downtown. At least one was taken at the fairgrounds.

Where the photos were taken post-1970 are concerned, there's a strong possibility I was standing right next to my grandpa as he took these images. Those were some good times.

Okay, so we don't have any parades coming up anytime soon. That's okay. There's always one on the horizon in Grand Junction. These are excellent family events and should not be missed. Get out and attend. Who knows, fifty years from now you might encounter a photo of you attending a Grand Junction parade.

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