Once again, people fail to see the beauty of the area we live in.

Colorado.com listed the 99 most beautiful places in the state and Grand Junction finally makes an appearance at number 20.

What a crock. They have City Park in Denver listed at number seven. City Park. Having lived in Denver for 14 years, and having spent a lot of time at City Park I can tell you it's NOT the 7th most gorgeous place in Colorado.

Specifically, they mention the Colorado National Monument at number 20. You can check out the difference between the two by looking at the websites.

If I seem a bit ticked off, it's because I am. We all should be. I mean, a park?  It's nice enough alright, but there is no way that park looks anything close to as gorgeous as the views from the Monument. Or anywhere else in Grand Junction.

The Maroon Bells near Aspen was listed at number one, and I have no problem with that one. It IS the most gorgeous place in the state, but I wonder if these folks ever even made it over here to look around. If they did, they missed the mark, because there is no finer view of the area we live in and the beauty we are surrounded by than that of the Colorado National Monument.

Maybe we should put our own list together and see where places in Denver end up.

I can promise you, City Park wouldn't be 7th!

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