We are looking for the oddest NON holiday dishes your family serves.

How bizarre is your family during these holidays? If your family is like most, than you probably have that one 'odd' Thanksgiving or Christmas food that always appears on the table. But, it wouldn't be YOUR families' holiday dinner without it.

For my family, it was always something called 'head cheese.' I literally dry heaved when I typed that. I did look up on YouTube some video on  how to make head cheese. PLEASE DO NOT do that. Nightmares.


But, what is it? Head cheese is not cheese. It is basically a gelatinous meat jelly type thing shaped into a mini loaf. If you think it looks bad enough, imagine the smell. And this is before I have been mentioned what it is made from. Ready?


Alastair Johnson

Yup, that's right. Head cheese is made from an actual head. Pig head. Oh yeah, don't forget the trotters. That would the legs and feet.

Tell us your family's deep, dark holiday dish secrets.