Is Grand Junction ready for a new city slogan?

Nothing against some of the nicknames like Ol Grandy, River City, Colorado's Wine Country, Capital of the Western Slope and the city motto 'Honor the Past, Envision the Future'.

But, there's an article that lists The Funniest 50 City Slogans and that got me thinking.

Just like Morrison, CO is 'The Nearest Faraway Place', or Thomasville, NC is 'Chair Town', Rock Springs, WY the 'Home of 56 Nationalities' and Dumas. AR is 'Home of the Ding Dong Daddy', we here in Grand Junction need something really catchy.

Would any of these work?

Welcome To Grand Junction

  • 'Home of the Really Narrow Streets'
  • 'The City That Has 16 Tanning Salons Even Though We Live On the Outskirts of a Desert and Get Over 3200 Hours of Sunshine a Year'
  • 'Where It's Always 4:20'
  • 'We Take Our Gourmet Coffee Serious, Buddy'
  • 'Where Anything Will Help' (shout out to the panhandlers)
  • 'Our Scenic Views Can Beat Up Your City's Scenic Views'
  • 'Hey, Rick Schroder Once Lived Here'
  • 'Country Jam-Enough Said!'
  • 'All Hail Oil Shale'
  • 'Utes Utes Utes, The Boys Are Marching'
  • 'You Must Have Bike Shorts To Live Here'
  • 'It's Good Enough For the Pigeons'

Now, it's your turn. Your ideas on what should Grand Junction's new City Slogan should be. Comments

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