Harry Potter themed anything is pretty spectacular. Sending someone on the most epic wizardly hunt that begins with a girlfriend, and ends with a fiancé, takes it to the next level.

Raven Seney, of Colorado, is a huge Harry Potter fan. She found the first clue of heart shaped pages out of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that began her hunt.

Her first thought was wondering why her soon-to-be fiance, Daniel Friendshuh, would cut up a Harry Potter book.

So she began the hunt, wanting the answer.

Friendshuh sent her on a

Friendshuh sent her on a Horcrux hunt. If you need a refresher on Harry Potter terminology, a Horcrux is an object that a wizard can hide his or her soul in to protect it in hopes to remain immortal. The more Horcruxes that the soul is divided into, the higher chances of living forever are.

In this case, it illustrated Friendshuh's and Seney's forever love.

After Raven found the six Horcruxes through different clues and more pages from the Harry Potter book, she found the final one. It was inside the book where all the pages had been cut out.

Inside the Snitch within the book, "Will you marry me?"

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