Grand Junction's very own Western Slope Concert Series will present a live concert via stream this Saturday, February 20, 2021. Here are five reasons why you should check it out.

The Western Slope Concert Series presents the Brahms Trio, featuring Stephanie Mientka, Jake Saunders, and Sarah Thune, with an engaging concert featuring Brahms’ Trio for viola, cello, and piano. As you are no doubt aware, for years now the Western Slope Concert Series has brought amazing shows to the region. This time they are bringing an awesome concert to the world via live stream.

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Recently, several artists have begun to offer concerts via stream. There is something to be said for catching a live show from the comfort of your home. According to, these are five reasons why you will undoubtedly enjoy catching this streaming performance:

The sightlines are perfect. I couldn't agree with this more. One of the frustrating elements of a live concert would be that dude that always feels the need to stand in front of you, blocking your view of the show. With a virtual concert, this is a non-issue.

There's no need to sacrifice comfort. You can crash on the couch, wear your jammies, and make yourself comfy.

Dance like no one is watching... because they aren't. This requires no explanation.

Go all-in on refreshments. This is a biggie. If you've ever been to Fiddler's Green or Redrocks, then you know all to well the pleasures of paying $10 for a $2 beer. When viewing a concert from home, your beverage-dollar can go much further.

You can catch artists and concerts you might not be able to see under normal circumstances. There are those who don't have easy access to travel. In addition, there as those who due to circumstances cannot attend in person. Virtual concerts solve about a billion problems in one shot.

The Brahms Trio live stream is coming up Saturday, February 20, at 3 p.m. You can enjoy the concert from either their Facebook page or via Youtube.

There is one more perk when it comes to a streaming show. In many cases, the concerts are free. While you can enjoy the Brahms Trio at no charge, a donation is requested. The suggested donation is $15, made payable to the Western Slope Concert Series.

I, for one, would really recommend this show. I've known the Mientka family for years, and have tremendous respect for the amazing concerts they've brought to Colorado. I'm sure this Saturday's event will be every bit as remarkable. Support Western Colorado's musicians and make a point to catch this live stream.

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