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Have you visited one of Grand Junction's "Little Free Libraries"? They're all over the valley. These are my top ten reasons you should visit one right away.

According to the movement's official webpage, "Little Free Library is a nonprofit that builds community, inspires readers, and expands book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led little libraries."

Tour around Grand Junction and you'll spot these boxes everywhere. The book exchange pictured above is at 29 Road and F 1/2 Road. There's another box just across from the radio station at Sherwood Park. For that matter, there's one on the way up to Little Park Road. They are quite literally everywhere.

Using the map provided by the official site, I counted 22 Little Free Libraries in Grand Junction. Keep in mind, not all book exchanges have been registered on the map.

What kind of books will you find inside? Well, using this box at 29 Road as an example, you'll find everything from classic works of fiction, resource materials, to children's books. The gallery below contains examples of the books found just a few days ago at the box on 29 Road. Keep in mind, books are exchanged all the time, so these titles may no longer be there.

Using various titles as examples, here's my list of ten reasons why you should visit a Little Free Library today.

Grand Junction Little Free Library Titles

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