Colorado is pretty active when it comes to reports of UFOs. The state ranks 13th in the country for unexplained sightings and activity. Could it be that Grand Junction will be one of the places they plan on taking over first? Or thirteenth?

We asked you a fun hypothetical question about an alien takeover with a twist. It's really a chance to brag about your favorite local restaurant.

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Grand Junction's last meal before space.
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The Aliens Await Your Decision

Decisions, decisions. It's time to commit to your #1 favorite place to eat in Grand Junction before the aliens load us onto their spaceships and take us out of the solar system. Which places are the best to pig out and go big? The aliens are picking up the tab, so money is no option.

Great Places to Eat in Grand Junction, Colorado

Which restaurant would you select and why? We would love to feature your answer on the air. Open our station app to send your answer to the studio. Some of the popular answers this time around included Fiesta Guadalajara, Texas Roadhouse (for two baskets of rolls), Aztecas, Munchies in Fruita, and WW Peppers (if only).

We are Going Out to Eat

Shout out to your favorite restaurant in Grand Junction by letting us know which local eatery gets your vote for the best last meal before the alien takeover. Is there something special you would order? Maybe it's a chance to have a great time with a great staff and your favorite bartender. Well, space travel takes a long time. Eat heartily, and let us know what you're having below.

Your Picks: Aliens Offer Grand Junction 1 Last Meal Before Space

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