My best friend's little girl told a woman standing in line at the grocery store she had hairy legs. Kids are so honest, my other friend's little girl said another friend of mine who was a little overweight that she overate.
I can remember growing up as a kid, and a neighbor came to our house all the time, and yes it is true I said my mom thinks you are crazy and do you want a lick of my sucker. I laugh with my sister to this day about that, but I could not help myself. She would never engage in conversation with my mom instead she would go to our couch in our living room and sit there.

My Dad and her husband were good friends so they would do things together like work on cars and hang out in the garage. However, Glady's would sit on the couch and never say a word to anyone. Not even hello.

This is what you said your child has said that was painfully embarrassing.

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