A Grand Junction jewelry store was robbed Monday morning and police are searching for the burglar.

Downtown Jewelry Store Is Robbed

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, the alarm at Mesa Jewelers in downtown Grand Junction was triggered at around 7:30 Monday morning, but the thief got away. Damages and the loss of stolen merchandise were estimated at over $50,000.

Here's How The Burglary Went Down

It appears the suspect was acting alone. Grand Junction Police say they believe the thief first broke into the main door to see if the alarm would sound. They say he left the premises, changed clothes, and then returned later to finish the job.

Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook
Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook

Oftentimes, surveillance camera photos are grainy or blurry and don't provide much help in identifying suspects. In this case, police have at least one really good photo of the suspect that should help to identify him and get him behind bars.

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Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook
Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook

From looking at the photos, it looks like two different people, however, police believe both photos represent the same individual and are only looking for one suspect.

Do You Know This Man?

If this man is someone you know or, perhaps, you have seen him or know his location,  you could help local authorities solve this crime. If you have information about this man that could help locate him, Grand Junction police urge you to call non-emergency dispatch at 970-242-6707 and reference GJPD case number #21-36047.

There are a lot of eyes on the lookout for this man. You'd like to think he's not local, but if he is, we should be able to find him and make sure he gets his just reward.

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