I was really excited when I saw the notice on my phone indicating I'd received two new text messages. It turns out I have friends after all. Imagine my heartbreak upon discovering the texts were political ads. Are you receiving these, too?
Back in the 70's people got upset when supporters would show up at the door to discuss their agenda. In the 80's, political parties saved a little wear and tear on their shoes and started calling via the home phone. In the 90's it was email. Welcome to 2018. Now, you get political messages via text.
Both of these arrived on my phone today. The text at top came in at 3:02 this afternoon.
Another followed a few seconds later...
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Waylon Jordan
Within moments, a third arrived.....
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Waylon Jordan
 Right on! Now that's a text I want to see. What a great deal on a take and bake pizza. I certainly can't complain about this one. First, it's a good deal. Second, I signed up to receive these pizza deal notices.
How long is this going to continue? Not the pizza sale, but the political ads? Does everyone receive these? How did they get my number in the first place? Have you tried calling them back? I tried placing a call to the incoming numbers, only to receive a busy signal.
I probably wouldn't care, but I tend to get excited about receiving a text. To open it up and discover a political ad is like getting socks for Christmas.
Most of us have received our voting info via the mail. You've probably been inundated with hundreds of political mailers. That's plenty. These texts are overkill.
Please stay off my phone! A handful of friends and this pizza joint are the only people allowed to send me texts.

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