Grand Junction High School senior gets a perfect score on ACT.

Josh Foutz is in a very elite class. Every year more than 1.8 million college-bound students tackle this brutal test known as the ACT. The American College Testing program is a basic assessment of several areas of learning. One essay and 215 questions long that lasts around three hours.

Josh did what very few others could do. He aced it. Less than .076 percent of the test takers reach the mark a perfect 36. That's a pretty lofty achievement.

The median score in Colorado is 20.1.

I remember taking this test when I was a senior. It was a long morning. My classmate Brad and I had to drive 40 miles on an EARLY Saturday morning. This just happened to coincide with a Friday night football game I played in and of course the after game activities as well. Was I prepared as I should have been?  Nope. I did manage to squeak out a 21, but I would another crack at. Just to see.