Grand Junction High School administration has changed the rules. And it looks like the students aren't happy. 

Frankly, I'm not too happy about it either. The issue stems from where each class gets to park in the lot according to seniority. The orange section has always been set aside for the Seniors. It's the closest to the school entrance. Next, the juniors had the yellow section, while the sophomores are relegated to having to park in the alley or on the street. Basically, a right of passage. There is nothing wrong with a little tradition.

However, that tradition is scheduled to be eliminated. The principal has stated that the stripes and the spots are going to be repainted. Not only that, but starting next school year, the parking spots will be a first come first served basis.

On top of that, students will now have to pay $10 to park in the lot for the school year!

Not sure which issue I am more upset about. The destroying of an honored rite of passage or the fact that the school has the guts to start charging its own students to park in their own lot at their own school. That seems a little ridiculous.

Yes, I understand budget issues and money concerns. District 51 is no stranger to them, as are any other school districts. But, the parking fee? Let's look elsewhere for some fundraising ideas.

And leave the parking hierarchy system the way that it was. Please. The Seniors have earned it.

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