Over the years, restaurants in Grand Junction have come and gone - and sometimes it can be difficult to remember the ones that have gone.

Nobody Had Ever Mentioned It Before

I saw a television commercial for Grand Junction Hamburger Station on YouTube and even though  I wasn't in Grand Junction in the 80s, it wasn't ringing a bell. As we reminisce from time to time,  I have never heard anyone mention this particular fast-food restaurant in Grand Junction's past.

Best Spicy Fries Ever

I've seen some comments online like "best spicy fries ever", and on Pinterest a woman said "these burgers were so good." She said the restaurants were around in the 80s and 90s.

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An Old Television Commercial

When you watch the television commercial below, you can tell that it's old. Besides the fact that the picture is grainy, the 80s hair is a dead giveaway. Another clue that this restaurant is not from the 21st century is the fact they are promising you'll get your meal within a minute from the time you pull up to the drive-thru window. It's also a clue that this can't be in Grand Junction because the drive-thrus here are slower than molasses in Alaska.

Where Was Grand Junction Hamburger Station?

If you're like me, when you hear the name Grand Junction Hamburger Station you are immediately wondering where in the world the restaurant would have been in Grand Junction. What I discovered is that it wasn't.

Grand Junction Restaurants We Wish We Could Bring Back

We asked our audience about restaurants they loved in Grand Junction that are no longer in business. Here comes the top answers of places we all miss in the Grand Valley.


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