These photos show that there are still a few spots in Grand Junction littered with graffiti. But, I sure think it's better than it used to be! That's a good thing.

When I first came up with this idea, I was sure that it was going to be very easy to find more than enough graffiti to fill several photo galleries. I was ready to spout. Well, I was wrong. Now, there is graffiti and tagging out there, but I also a TON of spots where you can see that's it's been removed or painted over. Overall, I didn't see nearly as much as I thought. So, kudos have to go out to the City and the hard working people that handle these situations.

Now, if we can just get rid of these:

I also discovered that The Mesa County Sheriff's Office does have what is called the Graffiti Removal brochure on their website. It includes a phone number 243-WASH (9274) to report new graffiti sightings and a program that allows residents who lease, manage or own any properties to have graffiti removed for free. Just click here to fill out the proper removal forms.