Can you remember back to the first job you ever had? Depending on how long ago that was, it can be hard to recall which job was the official 'first job'.

Try to skip past the times you got paid cash under the table and think back to the first time you got hired and received a paycheck.

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Some of us needed a worker's permit if we were under 16-years-old. I remember getting mine at age 13. I'm thankful I got started early. I was lucky enough to have amazing parents with a great work ethic that rubbed off on me, and it was a good thing to get a taste of the real world sooner than later.

What Was Your First Job in Grand Junction Colorado?

Tell us all about the first place you got hired at. Can you remember your starting wage? Flip through the gallery below to check out all the places our audience mentioned when we talked about our first jobs and let's see who started out with the most challenging starting wage.

Remembering Our First Job in Grand Junction Colorado and How Much It Paid

The community of the Grand Valley knows the value of a hard day's work. We got to talking about some of the first jobs we ever had and what the starting wage was. Flip through the responses and join us as we laugh and cry looking at these entry-level wages.

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