It's time to head back to school. How have things changed in Grand Junction over the last 43 years? Take a look.

Are those flowers? Yes, they are. Here you go, Mrs. Jameson. She was my Kindergarten teacher at Pomona Elementary back in 1975. The handsome guy to my right is my cousin Rob. He and I are only weeks apart in age. For that matter, we grew up a few houses apart. We spent our entire academic careers together.

How about those Disco collars? All I needed was a slight gust of wind and I could have been airborne. Check out Rob's plaid pants. We didn't get to wear shorts to school in 1975. This is the first day of school, so I'm guessing it's either late August or early September. My attire consists of pure polyester, while Rob is sporting a knit turtleneck sweater. Perfect summer wear for Grand Junction, Colorado.

What's that in the driveway? Can it be? No, you're not dreaming. That's an AMC Hornet in the driveway. Are you jealous? We lived too close to the school to ride the bus. That's right, I had the privilege of pulling up in front of the school in that little beauty every day.

It's not entirely clear what's responsible for the look on my face; my disenchantment with having to go to school, or the fact my picture is being taken. I hated having my picture taken just as much then as I do now. It didn't help my grandpa, Robert Grant, the person taking this photo, was a photojournalist.

Well, Grand Junction parents, as you can clearly see, kids were no more excited about going to school in 1975 than they are now. Kids, you're not the first to get the blues about returning to the academic grind. Grand Junction's first day of school hasn't changed a drop in 43 years.

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