Summer days mean lots of sunshine and plenty of warm temperatures in the Grand Valley. When the temps reach near triple digits in the summer months, it's nice to live in a place with lots of great breweries and bars that offer ice-cold beer.

Which bar in Grand Junction is your favorite place to go for a cold beer? Scroll through the answers below and maybe learn about a new favorite place to go tip one back.

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Where is Your Favorite Place to Grab a Cold Beer in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Sometimes your favorite place to grab a beer is inside the refrigerator. Sometimes you want to get out and enjoy some live music or maybe watch a ballgame while you enjoy a cold one. What makes your favorite bar your go-to place? Is it the bartender, the atmosphere, or maybe the beer itself?

Which Bar is the Oldest in Grand Junction, Colorado?

The unofficial oldest bar in Grand Junction, Colorado is likely Quincy Bar which was founded in 1913. This bar has been renamed several times and has been called the "Avalon Cafe", "The Beacon", "Quincy Bar and Lounge" and "Quincy Bar and Grill". You'll find it at 609 Main Street in Grand Junction.

Scroll Through Grand Junction's Picks for Great Bars in the Grand Valley

One of the most mentioned bars we heard about from you was the Orchard Mesa Cruisers. The Triple Tree Tavern and Ramblebine Brewing also saw lots of love. Scroll on to check out the list of Grand Junction's best bars according to you.

A List of Grand Junction's Favorite Bars Serving Up Cold Beer

We asked you what your favorite place is in Grand Junction, Colorado for ice-cold beer? Tell us your favorite watering hole in the Grand Valley. Is it a restaurant, dive bar, or maybe your back porch?

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