That wasn't much of a winter, now was it? What kind of spring can we expect in Grand Junction? The Old Farmer's Almanac has a few predictions.

Grand Junction's winter 2017/2018 was a real dud. The Old Farmer's Almanac made some fairly accurate predictions of this. What about spring 2018? Will Western Colorado fare a little better?

Here's the breakdown according to the Old Farmer's Almanac:

  • March 1 through 6 - Rainy periods north, snow central and south
  • March 7 through 15 - A few showers and mild
  • March 16 through 27 - A few showers and cool
  • March 28 through 31 - Temperatures slightly below average, with precipitation slightly below average.

How does that first week, March 1 through 6, compare to the National Weather Service's predictions?

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

There appears to be a certain lack of agreement. The National Weather Service has us as sunny on Monday of next week.

Regardless of which of the two sources you subscribe to, both predict below average precipitation. Considering what we've seen this winter, that's not hard to believe.

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