After the death of one of his ONLY and BEST friends, the Coulter family is reaching out to the community to try and help their son cope with the loss. Can you help?

14 year old Jacobe's dog was killed last weekend while the family was out of town. As most pet lovers can understand he was devastated, but this was more than a family pet.

The family said, that for a child that doesn't make friends easy Belle, was the one companion that could bring him comfort not matter how sad or angry he was.

Best Friend
Dan Coulter

Most children don't handle change well so you can imagine that Jacobe has a hard road ahead of him, but here's where I teared up.

In the message I received they said Jacobe, "has a hard time believing anyone cares about him."

And now I want to show Jacobe how wrong he is by flooding this PO Box with letters!

It doesn't have to be much, just rip the corner off the paper sitting next to you and write him a note to tell him you're thinking about him and mail it! YES, mail it!

To: Jacobe Martin, PO BOX 4281, Grand Junction, CO 81502

As soon as possible, because it won't be up long! Lets show him a little, or a-lot, of love and how amazing our community can be!

Then make sure you share this story on your Facebook page to spread the word!

It's made it as far as California as of 9a Wednesday!

Donelle Smith
Donelle Smith via Facebook

And as of Noon it had made it all the way to Greensboro, North Carolina's News 8!

News 8
Lindsey Eaton via Facebook

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