As soon as I started getting details about this story, the hair on my arms and neck started standing up on end. When something like this happens I have to really control my anger it sickens me to hear about people hurting others that cannot defend themselves. This is what happened in Grand Junction as a pet who was just playing in her own backyard was shot and killed.

According to KKCO, "Little Bit" was enjoying time in her backyard and the next thing you know her owners find her shot and killed with a puncture hole in her side. Her family took her to the veterinarian to find out what happened and they found a 22 caliper pellet lodged into the dog. There were 3 other bullets found in the yard upon police searching around.

The Owners of "Little Bit" Believe Their Dog Was Shot and Killed Intentionally

Beyond finding multiple pellets in the yard the family has a six-foot privacy fence so it would take some effort to go after this one little dog. Which makes this case even more terrible. This kind of evil doesn't make sense to me, the dog didn't do anything wrong.

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The Case Regarding the Dog Being Shot and Killed in Grand Junction is Still Under Investigation

If you have any information regarding this case please reach out to law enforcement immediately. This case is being investigated as a felony criminal mischief, cruelty to animals, and illegal discharge of a firearm/bb gun. And whoever did this needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, no address or neighborhood was given as to where this took place. So, please for now just keep an eye out everywhere you go for your pets and any other ones that might be around you.

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