A Grand Junction doctor is being sued amid allegations he used his sperm to impregnate several women.

The doctor was consulted by women who were hoping to get pregnant and he offered to help them via artificial insemination. The doctor told the women he would use "fresh" sperm from an anonymous donor but instead used his own.

In the lawsuit, it is claimed the woman who is suing the doctor has found five half-siblings, all sharing the doctor's DNA.

The doctor, Dr. Paul Brennan Jones, was asked about the lawsuit and his response was cagey at best. Stating he "doesn't deny it" he also stated he "doesn't admit it". And when asked if he fathered those children his response was "That's an impertinent question".

The doctor first received his license to practice medicine in 1972. His license was just renewed, at age 80.

A genealogy test ordered by the attorney stated the father of the eleven siblings either had to be Dr. Jones or his brother. His brother denies it is him, as he was not even in the area at the time.

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