Flying over Grand Junction, you sometimes notice things you can see from the ground. One of our friends asked what these were, and we haven't a clue.

Ryan, you've absolutely stumped us. Ryan sent us a message earlier today asking if we --or anyone else for that matter-- know what these strange marks are in Grand Junction's northern desert.

Ryan was flying in from Denver when he noticed these marks just west of the Grand Junction airport -- he included a photo from Google Maps like the one above.

What Are These Strange Marks in the Grand Junction Desert?
Google Maps

These marks can be found --or seen from above-- just east of 25 Road so they could be made from ATVs, but that's pushing it. They kind of look like some sort of plow marks, or mining marks.

I've spent quite a bit of time out in this area, but have never seen marks like this, even when sitting atop one of the big hills out there.

Do you have any insight as to what these marks are? Inquiring minds want to know, like us and Ryan.

Thanks for the question, Ryan.


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