Like many states, one of the most frequent traffic violations in Colorado is speeding. We asked you about which traffic violations you feel you see the most while driving in the Grand Valley.

Mesa County sits at #12 on the list of counties with the most fatal traffic accidents according to 2020 data. According to Google, more than 12% of Colorado drivers have been pulled over for speeding. Let's see what Grand Junction has to say about the way people are driving in Mesa County.

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What is Colorado's Most Frequent Traffic Violation?

State-wide the largest and most frequent traffic violation in Colorado is speeding. Of all the traffic violations in Colorado, speeding tickets are issued the most. A Class A infraction is driving 1 to 24 miles per hour over the speed limit. A Class 2 violation is driving 25 mph or more over the speed limit.

Which Traffic Violation is Grand Junction Most Guilty Of?

Some of the most popular answers we got from you here in Grand Junction included the use of a mobile phone while driving. This was right up there with texting and driving. Speeding was another frequent answer along with the forgotten art of using a turn signal correctly.

Grand Junction Reports the Most Recently Seen Traffic Violations

Go right to the source and see what Grand Junction motorists had to say about the traffic violations you witness the most when driving around the Grand Valley. Find the link in the photo gallery below to add your answer to our Facebook page, or open our mobile app to text in your answer to the studio.

What Traffic Violations Do You See the Most in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Which traffic violations do you think you witness the most often in Grand Junction, Colorado? We thought the #1 answer would be rolling through stop signs but it turns out your answers tell us that turn signals may be the biggest complaint of them all. Scroll on to see the answers:

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