It's one thing to be the worst place for potholes in Colorado, but it's incredibly embarrassing when it comes to being one of the worst places in the entire nation.

According to a new report from QuoteWizard®, a LendingTree company, Grand Junction, Colorado has some of the worst potholes in America. Yikes!

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Are Colorado Potholes An Issue?

When it comes to looking at states with the worst potholes, Colorado actually fares pretty well.

The state of Colorado actually ranks in at number 25, putting us smack dab in the middle of the worst and best states for potholes.

However, it's when you start taking a closer look that you realize that it's not all good news, especially when it comes to the Western Slope.

Cities In Colorado with Pothole Problems

The Colorado city with the most pothole issues is none other than Grand Junction. We might be the largest city between Denver and Salt Lake, but is that an excuse for our abundance of potholes?

To make matters worse, Grand Junction actually ranked in at number 2 when it came to cities with the worst potholes in the entire nation.

The only city with worse potholes is actually Yakima, WA.

Colorado Springs also landed in the top 50 worst cities in the nation for potholes and placed at number 18. The last Colorado city in the top 50 was Denver coming in at number 37.

City of Grand Junction VS Colorado Department of Transportation

So who's responsible for fixing our roadways?

CDOT is supposedly responsible for maintaining our interstates and highways with:

  • snow and ice operations;
  • roadway maintenance and preservation; and
  • construction management.

Grand Junction's transportation engineering department, however, is supposed to be responsible for the "safe and efficient movement of traffic on our roadway system within our community," according to the city's website.

I reached out to the city of Grand Junction for comment and to ask one important question:

Can we expect our roadways to become safer in 2022?

I've yet to receive a response, but check back for updates!

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