When was the last time you heard a friend tell you they got a parking ticket in Grand Junction, Colorado? If there is one piece of advice I can give you before you go downtown, it would be to keep an eye out for the parking meters.

While parking your car might be something you can do without thinking, there are a few mistakes to avoid that could cost you some money. Scroll on to learn 20 ways your bad parking job could earn you a parking ticket in Grand Junction.

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How Much is a Parking Ticket in Grand Junction, Colorado?

GJcity.org says the two most common parking tickets issued in Grand Junction are tickets for overtime parking or illegal parking. These tickets are usually $15 to $20. Late fees are added-on weekly, so don't throw it over your shoulder to be lost in the back seat forever.

Who Gets the Ticket if Someone Else was Parking My Car?

Regardless of who was driving, the name on the registration gets the parking violation. If the person running the errand parks like an idiot, you are responsible. Photo enforcement of illegal parking is also enforceable in Grand Junction. Meaning someone could turn in a photo which could turn into a notice.

How Can You Pay a Parking Ticket in Grand Junction?

If you do end up making one of the mistakes we outline in the gallery below, paying a parking ticket in Grand Junction is pretty easy. You can pay it in person at City Hall (250 N. 5th Street in Grand Junction). By mail at Municipal Court P.O. Box 1809 in Grand Junction, Co 81501. 

Check out twenty of the most common reasons parking tickets are issued in Grand Junction, Colorado.

20 Reasons You’ll Get A Parking Ticket in Grand Junction, Colorado

Here is a very long list of reasons you could get a parking ticket in Grand Junction, Colorado. If addressed quickly, a parking ticket can be a minor inconvenience. If forgotten, one mistake can turn into several more. Avoid these common mistakes and the annoying parking tickets that come with making them.

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